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Chris Wood


Chris Wood - College Insider

Hello! My name is Chris Wood and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

I’ve been working as a Software Engineer for the past 5 years. While working in this field I’ve had the pleasure of developing software in a wide variety of industries.

I look forward to using my experience in order to find a role where I can utilize my creativity and passion for solving complex software engineering problems.

Feel free to contact me at chris[at]collegeinsider.org.

Elizabeth Brown


Elizabeth Brown - College Insider

Hi there! I am Elizabeth Brown, and I’m currently at Harvard Medical School. My undergrad was at Stanford University, majoring in Biology.

My career goal as a Pre-med student is to become a cardiac surgeon. I’m passionate about working with people — I have a knack for providing the right treatment at the right time.

Fun fact, I’m the one that brought everyone together. I met Chris at Stanford and Amy at Harvard! So glad I’m on this journey with them!

Feel free to contact me at liz[at]collegeinsider.org.

Amy Clark


Amy Clark - College Insider

Hey there! My name is Amy Clark. I’m currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Harvard.

I’ve always loved helping people and being of service and helping people through difficult times is what I strive for in my future career.I am passionate about child and adolescent development and hope to grow and expand your skill set.

My interests include creative writing, theater, music, and reading.

Feel free to contact me at amy[at]collegeinsider.org.