Is Mechanical Engineering Worth It? (With Student Quotes)

Are you thinking about going to school for mechanical engineering? If so, you should be aware that it is a hard major. The fact that it also pays well is a plus.

Studying mechanical engineering is hard and will take a lot of effort. Is mechanical engineering worthwhile, or should you pursue another field of study?

The creation of devices that move or generate energy is the domain of mechanical engineers. To enhance current ones, they also create fresh materials and procedures.

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Is Mechanical Engineering Worth It?

The study of mechanical engineering is worthwhile. Why? because you can start enjoying all of its wonderful perks as soon as you graduate.

Long work hours have traditionally been required of engineers. But in order to make up for all those long hours, the corporations are willing to pay them extremely well.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

  1. High Paying Salaries – The average median salary for a mechanical engineer is $95,300 per year (BLS). This is one of the highest paying majors out there. 
  2. Job Opportunities – There are plenty of jobs available for mechanical engineers. According to Payscale, it’s a career with one of the most opportunities across all industries. That means that there is definitely a demand for mechanical engineers. 
  3. Awesome Benefits – Depending on the company, you’ll get many benefits. Some of the perks that an engineer might receive include health, life, and disability insurance, retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, flexible scheduling, gym memberships, paid time off, and company stocks.
  4. Awesome Job Security – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment prospects for mechanical engineers are expected to continue growing 7% every year. 
  5. Great Career Path – The path is pretty clear. You start at an entry-level position, and if you do well, you can become a manager. Then, you can progress to a project leader, and eventually a vice president.  

Because it enables students to obtain experience in numerous areas of study, Mechanical Engineering (ME) is a very employable degree.

Mechanical systems, materials, energy, robotics, hydraulics, pneumatics, controls, electronics, mechatronics, thermal sciences, structural mechanics, aerospace, fluid dynamics, biomechanics, and biomedical engineering are among the possible specializations for students.

Is Mechanical Engineering a Good Career?

Being a mechanical engineer is an exciting career that will pay well and let you give back to the community. The development, manufacture, testing, and maintenance of machinery and equipment fall within the purview of mechanical engineers.

Analytical, problem-solving, and detail-oriented skills are required of mechanical engineers. They must solve complicated challenges as part of their demanding work. A career as a mechanical engineer can be appealing to you if you like doing manual labor.

A wide and adaptable degree is mechanical engineering. Because of this, mechanical engineers can work in a variety of sectors. Nowadays, practically all industries depend on machines in one way or another.

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Elevators, escalators, medical equipment, batteries, freezers, air conditioners, electric generators, and internal combustion engines are just a few of the things that mechanical engineers design and build. Mechanical engineers are essentially necessary for everything that produces physical goods, at least to some extent.

Buildings, bridges, machineries, vehicles, and other structures are all designed by mechanical engineers. It is the job of mechanical engineers to create things that operate effectively and safely. Additionally, they guarantee that the goods adhere to all applicable safety regulations.

Physics, materials science, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, structural analysis, and production procedures are all topics that a mechanical engineer needs to be knowledgeable about.

Mechanical engineers can be divided into two groups: those who concentrate on manufacturing and those who concentrate on research and development. Both have equal value.

Mechanical engineers create tools that facilitate our interaction with one another, communication, and movement. They produce items such as automobiles, boats, trains, and even toilets. They also produce elevators, escalators, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

Our homes, workplaces, and factories depend on mechanical engineers to keep everything running properly. Our buildings, bridges, and highways are also kept sturdy and safe thanks to them. Society really benefits from having mechanical engineers.

Is Mechanical Engineering a Dying Field?

There is no doubt that mechanical engineering is a growing industry. It is still expanding steadily at a rate of 7% yearly. Over the past few years, both the number of students studying mechanical engineering and the number of job openings have continuously climbed.

When it comes to choose a place to work, mechanical engineers have many possibilities. For instance, there are several businesses that produce everything from toys to airplanes. Hospitals, colleges, government organizations, and defense contractors are some more employers.

Overall, degrees in STEM and technology are rising. As a result of its future-proof character and relevance to numerous other industries, mechanical engineering is rising faster than other technical degrees.

There will never be enough competent individuals available since there will always be a demand for good engineers.

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Is Mechanical Engineering Useless?

Mechanical engineering is an extremely significant and helpful topic of study. It is also one of the most versatile academic disciplines. Every industry and business that manufactures physical goods requires mechanical engineers.

Mechanical engineers are required in numerous industries, such as manufacturing, construction, transportation, energy, healthcare, aerospace, robotics, and consumer goods. The number of sectors that require mechanical engineers is limitless.

Some consider mechanical engineering the king of all engineering fields for this reason.

Over time, mechanical engineering has become a highly competitive field. There are many reasons why students elect to major in mechanical engineering. These are only a few:

  • They want to design new technologies.
  • They want to create innovative solutions for problems.
  • They want a career where they can apply their creativity.
  • They want to build something that helps people.
  • They want to improve the quality of life.
  • They want to earn a high salary.

Why Did You Study Mechanical Engineering? 

I questioned some friends who had graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering about their decision to major in ME.

Paul Goodman, Stanford – “I chose ME because I like working hands-on with mechanical products. I like to learn about how things work and coming up with new solutions to make things work.” 

Mark Sussman, Georgia Tech – “I chose ME because I liked the idea of being able to use my skills in multiple ways in a variety of industries. When I started to look for jobs, I had many opportunities in a wide range of fields. I wanted to go into space systems design and mechanical engineering was how I was going to get there. “

Rajesh Kumar, MIT – “I chose ME as my major because I was interested in designing and building things. I wanted to learn more about how things worked and what makes them tick. I also wanted to see if I could solve real world problems using my knowledge.”

Matt Chen, Caltech – “I loved math and science in high school, so it made sense for me to pursue engineering at Caltech. The problem solving aspect of engineering appealed to me. I love learning about how things work and seeing if I can figure out a way to improve on existing designs.” 

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Is Mechanical Engineering Worth It? Final Thoughts

Mechanical engineering is undoubtedly a subject worth studying. It is an excellent discipline that helps you develop your critical and creative thinking skills. Additionally, it is a field that is always developing and changing.

ME is a field that is applicable to practically all businesses and industries. This indicates that you will have no trouble finding employment once you graduate. Studying mechanical engineering can be the best option for you if you’re seeking for a job that combines both your technical and creative skills.

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